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Everyone who suffers from social anxiety needs a friend who will

  1. help them order food when it’s too scary
  2. walk with them through crowded places
  3. help them laugh it off when they make a mistake
  4. not get tired of answering “no, you’re not annoying, silly goose! You’re adorable and I love you” no matter how many times it’s needed

and if you’re that friend, bless u for being fab <3

yes pls



sometimes i forget im a real person

this is such a weird thing but I understand.


barry being the best at video games after like a year and a half of being denied his voice and face is probs the biggest plot twist ever


when u hear someone ask about a video game u love



“are you athletic” haha yeah i wear sports bras sometimes lmao

pumpkin-hearted: Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite bloggers! (Dooo eeet~ )

1. My friends are rad
2. I’ve been drawing more lately
3. I’m gonna be Cosplay as Renee from Mew Mew Power soon.
4. I’m kinda tall
5. I’m a hard worker (for the most part)

x-pearlyscreamer-x: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (<-- I THINK IT'S NEGOTIABLE IF YOU DON'T WANNA DO IT/SEND IT TO OTHERS)

(Ok, I’m know I’m super late but whatever)
1. My hair is curly and free
2. My Japanese has been getting better
3. I totally preordered the Mikorin figurine and I don’t care lol
4. I take everything kind of seriously
5. I’ve been sleeping better lately.


when I’m staring at a girl and she thinks I’m hating

but really I’m just gay


petition to have That’s So Raven added to Netflix